Marie In The Margins video installation

Adding an overlooked medieval female cultural workforce to historical sites connected with male working history.
Women have always worked on the fertile margins.

Marie in the Margins: performers (l to r) Erica Smith, Yasmin Aishah and Hannah Collisson, image by cinematographer Rod Morris, design: Ursula McLaughlin

Next at Bexhill Museum as part of Hastings Book Festival: 18,21,22, 24 Sept 12-4pm, talks at 2pm by Dr Emily Joan Ward, Yasmin Aishah, Gail Borrow and Ruby Colley.

Currently at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery

For the return to English Heritage Trust: 1066 Abbey and Battlefield please check back here.

The project adds diverse stories to 1066-themed dialogue. It highlights the innovative writing of England’s earliest known adventure author Dame Marie, also know as Marie de France. Through the lens of three modern Hastings cultural innovators, explore this writing championing female decision makers and young people forging a life to be true to self.

This installation has developed from Spirited, a pilot with performer and composer Alice Beadle and composer Frank Moon and a summer 2021 ExploreTheArch production.

Performer and musician, Alice Beadle. Image by Ian O'Leary.

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