Marie in the Margins Collection of Everyday Objects

The project’s Hastings Museum & Art Gallery curated collection of everyday objects will be the focus of Phase 2 of the Marie in the Margins project.

Cinematographer Rod Morris will film each of the medieval domestic objects, this material to be embedded in the installation video and exhibited as stand alone videos with the objects, enhancing the viewing experience.

The objects relationships with Marie de France’s writing is the subject of an autumn digital platform partnership with International Marie de France Society and Hastings Museum and Art Gallery which will bring together the international academic and creative community as well as inviting museum visitors and children involved in the project's young people's engagement to take a closer look.

The objects offer relatable entry points into this history validating personal interests eg. the fragment of a cup with a face on it equates to design on mugs today and the Henry II coin encourages coin collectors to access history through their passion. This collection is a closeup focus on five significant objects in Hastings Museum and Art Gallery’s collection that the project will bring a wider audience to.

The Marie in the Margins collection of everyday objects is curated by HMAG Curator of Archaeology, Philip Hadland.

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